2015 Four Aces Bonneville SUPPORT SHIRT! Its BLACK FOLKS

$10.00 - On Sale

Thats right folks its that time again when we print up the Bonneville Salt Flats Racing Support Shirts! This year we have a black tee and a grey tee for your dining and dancing pleasure. This BLACK Tee shirt you see here was designed by our friend Aaron Mason over in Temecula, CA and looks fantastic. Proudly wear Wendover Will while he rides the funk out of the old trusty 947 racebike. These all-Style shirts are a great manly fit and go good with your favorite pair of jorts or your cargo pants. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts go right into our race fund and none will be spent on dope or women, well unless you count spending money for race stuff for our female rider, Kristine Peach.

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